Life is a Gift

Life is a Gift

I am so thankful to be alive. It has been 20 year since my accident. I would like to express my sincere thanks to my family and friends for their enduring love and support throughout my journey. I have been blessed beyond measure.

On January 27, 1995, I was crossing the street and was struck by a car on 3300 South 300 East, which resulted in a serious traumatic brain injury and pelvic fracture. It was a real challenge to relearn how to feed myself, dress myself, and walk without assistance. I was in the hospital for five weeks and underwent speech and physical for six months. I had to retrain my brain to perform simple tasks such as doing word puzzles, sewing, needlepoint and many other things.

I still find it to believe that I am now a "disabled" person. For about a year, I was extremely depressed. All I would do was eat and sleep, and I gained 70 pounds. It was not uncommon to overexert and make myself sick for days, like having a bad case of the flu.

In time, I learned to pace myself and see things differently. Now, instead of staying in bed most of the day, I get shower and dive into my hobbies. They have done wonders to improve my motor skills and speed, and have even reduced the amount of medication I take. I have taken computer and sewing classes. I even joined VASA Fitness to get back into shape, and as result lost more than 25 pounds. Now I am learning how to start my own business.

I will call my new business, Tammi's Custom Jewelry & Gifts. With the generous support of a dear friend, and the proceeds from the sale of my possessions, I hope to raise enough money for my business start up.

I am no longer angry. Nor, do I blame God or feel sorry for myself. I try to stay positive. And, best of all, I have been spending more time with my lovely granddaughter and friends. My life doesn't have to end just because I'm disabled. I have grown to appreciate life more, especially the small things. You see, things happen for a reason, and I will try to make the most of the had I've been dealt. Life is a Gift.

Tammi Diaz

Catmeow Traumatic Brain Injury


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lisa Firestone: The Price of Being Strong: Risks to the Mental Health of Athletes

Lisa Firestone: The Price of Being Strong: Risks to the Mental Health of Athletes

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